OWL Soul Cover 2.jpg

One Wild Life Soul

by Gungor

Introducing One Wild Life: Soul, the first album in a trilogy (Soul, Spirit, Body), exploring what it means to live as a human being in this marvelously absurd and extravagant universe. 

This first album in the trilogy is largely the result of a very painful 2014 for us. And as usual for us, heavy doses of pain tend to give birth to heavy doses of music. In 2014 we felt betrayed. We felt judged. We felt homeless. We felt abandoned. But we also felt loved. We felt hope. We felt passion. We felt faith. So we wrote about all of it.  From the birth of our daughter to the re-awakening of faith, hope and love-- we wrote about it all.  Soul is sight. Why do we credit human beings as being more ’soulish’ than other animals?  Because of our minds.  Our ability to see and process reality in a different and more self-aware way than other animals.  We have the ability with these minds to see differently and therefore react to reality differently than an animal simply ruled by raw instinct.  It is this ability to see that we explore on this first volume of One Wild Life.  How we see our life is how we experience it. "These are the days we’ve been given; what will you do with your one wild life?"