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WSJ/Speakeasy Video Premiere – “Long Way Off”

Michael Gungor looks like he’s on a mission in the new video for his band Gungor’s song “Long Way Off,” premiering today on Speakeasy, though it’s anyone’s guess where the singer and songwriter is headed.

Directed by Simone Rubi, the video pairs the quietly engrossing pop song with images of the Denver musician dashing up stairs, striding purposefully past buildings and through plazas and running in slow motion through a tunnel. Keeping his destination unclear is in keeping with Gungor’s philosophical outlook.

“The human brain and consequently society has evolved to prefer and reward certainty, but the reality is, while humanity’s ‘knowledge’ and ability to survive on this planet is fairly impressive when compared to other animals, we really have no idea about so much about our universe and existence,” he tells Speakeasy.” I find an acceptance of that unknowing and of our humble place in the universe to be freeing and healthy.”