Is Michael Gungor....


My brother texted this picture to me today and said “you should write a blog about this.”  I thought that it was kind of funny that those are what John Google apparently gets asked most about me, so here’s a blog to answer those questions.

Is Michael Gungor related to Mark…?

Mark who?  Ah, I bet you are wondering if I am related to Mark Antonek!  We have very similar body shape, so that’s probably who people are asking about.  And, surprisingly, no, I am not related to him.

Mark Antonek:



Is Michael Gungor a universalist?

Well, it depends what you mean by “universalist.”   I have a deep abiding belief that everybody is going to die.  It’s a very universal thing for me, death.  As to what (if anything) happens after that, I couldn’t speak very authoritatively about it because I, for one, haven’t actually died yet.  However, if there is an afterlife, I do hope that Mark Antonek will put some damn pants on during it.

Is Michael Gungor a catholic?

I really like Catholics.  In fact, I once tried to become Catholic.  But then the guy told me that I had to believe everything, and I am not really the sort of guy that can do that sort of thing at this time of my life. Maybe someday.

Ok, well that all went pretty quickly.  John Google should have those answers for his minions now.  Perhaps I should add a few of my own questions that I would be curious about myself if I was not, you know, myself:

Is Michael Gungor obsessed with La Croix mineral water?

Well, as a matter of fact, yes he is.  He purchased a new refrigerator recently that has a temperature controlled drawer, so he consistently obtains copious amounts of La Croix (primarily pamplemousse) mineral water to fill this drawer and keep it at a perfect 33 degrees Fahrenheit.

Is Michael Gungor obsessed with sloths?

Well, of course he is, but he is not as obsessed as he used to be.  He used to constantly draw them and speak reverently of them and occasionally look up interesting facts about them on the Internet.  For example, do you know that some scientists believe that there was once a sloth so big that it would have been able to peek into a second story in a house!! Can you imagine that?!  Taking a quick glance out of your window before you go to sleep and seeing a gigantic sloth staring at you…  I think that would be wonderful.  But, no, I’m not quite as obsessed about them anymore.

This is a really enjoyable interview for me so far, so I’ll go ahead and ask one more question if I don’t mind.

Is Michael Gungor a Filipino?

I’m really quite surprised that this wasn’t the top search thread, but no, I’m not.  Like Mark Antonek, I have a fairly ambiguous racial vibe going but as far as I know, I’m only a Filipino politically and spiritually, not by blood.  But thank you for asking.