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You know Michael Gungor from his incredible music, but this week he has released a book — The Crowd, the Critic, and the Muse: A Book for Creators (AmazoniTunes). And before I say anything else about it, let me just say this:

You should read this book.

Here’s the author in his introduction to The Crowd, the Critic, and the Muse:

This is a book for creators—for those down in the valley with the dirt and the bugs. That is where the real work of creation happens, not up in ivory towers or scenic overlooks, but with blistered hands and stained clothes. 

This is a book for creators who might need a reminder of why they do what they do. It is for those in need of breath. It is a trail guide to the edge of the canyon, the lifting of a head to behold the fullness of the dress.

You should be able to discern two things from those quotes: 1) Gungor is a gifted writer, and 2) this book is for you.

With personal stories and thoughtfully-developed ideas about the creative process, Gungor’s book is an exploration of what it means to live and work as an artist. He writes about the voices and forces at work upon our souls and invites us to experience our faith and identity with new depth.

The Crowd, the Critic, and the Muse is interesting, accessible, and infinitely highlightable and/or tweetable. Read it by yourself, read it and discuss it with a group, whatever. Just read it, and then get back to work.

Scott McClellan is the Editor of Echo Hub and the Director of Echo Conference. You can follow him on Twitter: @scottmcclellan. (Note: Echo Hub received a complimentary copy of this book for review.)