Join me on a spiritual retreat

I embarked on my first spiritual retreat almost 7 years ago, and it changed my life. Since then, I’ve continued to periodically go on retreats, and I can honestly say that those small windows of intentional time have done more to craft who I am today than almost any other experiences in my life. These retreats have greatly influenced the art that I make. They have taught me how to practice and fall in love with most important spiritual practices and disciplines in my life, and have opened my mind and heart wider than I ever thought was possible.

I’ve thought about hosting a retreat of some kind on my own for years now, and I’ve finally decided to carve out the space to do it. I just think it is such an important practice and perhaps even more important than normal to find some peace to exist and thrive within the current insanity of our world.

So here’s the plan—I would like to host two different types of retreat this year. The first is going to be a 4 day retreat for a small group of up to 30 people at a beautiful retreat center in central California July 20-23. You can check out the space here: At this retreat, we will focus on meditation and silence as gateways into the heart. It is a beautiful campus with all sorts of hiking trails and places to just be. We will have some times of teaching, group meditation, and discussion, but would also like to invite the people on this one to be silent for as much of the retreat as possible.This may be difficult for some at first, but the peace at the center of our hearts is often easier accessed in the silence than in the noise and distraction that we often never get away from. The cost for this retreat (including food and lodging) will be somewhere around $1,200 depending on what kind of room you'd like.

The second retreat option will be a personal retreat with me in Los Angeles. This idea came to me recently after I got back from a personal retreat with Ram Dass and had such a wonderful time. We have a back house that I used for my studio during the One Wild Life recording process, and we have been trying to figure out what to do with it now that we aren’t so intensively recording all of the time. My idea is to turn it into an ‘urban monastery’ and host personal, private retreats out of it. These retreats will be primarily self-directed, but you would be welcome to join me in some daily meditation practices and I’d be happy to spend some personal time with you every day on your retreat to offer some of the insights I have learned in my time with these practices.

For the private retreats, our house is in the city but has a nice peaceful back yard that provides a lovely space for reading, meditation, yoga..etc There’s plenty of restaurants and things to walk to, but there’s also a private kitchen in the back that would be yours to make yourself meals. There is also a recording studio in there that you could get access to if you are a musician and would like to turn this retreat into a sort of combination of a spiritual and a writing retreat.

If you are interested in applying for the very limited space of either of these retreat opportunities, please send us an email at that introduces yourself and why you are interested in a retreat like this as well as the date range that you are interested in booking the ‘urban monastery’. Honestly, I’m so excited about this! I feel like some really beautiful moments are going to happen for some of you, and Lisa and I are both excited to be a part of creating the space for it to happen. Namaste.