Gungor has made a lot of serious music.  We have searched and bared our souls and out of this have comes songs and stories of faith and doubt, joy and pain, life and death.  And with all of that idealism, philosophy, and navel-gazing, one finds that there are times that you just need to let your hair down. Perhaps don a green jumper or a leopard skin leotard and it out for a few moments.  Such an endeavor might remind you to not take yourself or your art too seriously.  

This ridiculous song came into the world while writing for our next album Body, but honestly, it’s just a little too ridiculous to fit the rest of the album—which again… is pretty serious..   So we decided maybe we’d just release it the week of Father’s Day to celebrate the men in all of our lives who simultaneously embarrass and delight us when the hair really does come down and ass shaking begins. We hope you enjoy this absurd Happy Father’s Day gift to all the dad’s out there who still know how to #shake it.