Today is a day for mourning. 

Regardless of which side you stand on politically, the reality is that America just elected a man who pledged to discriminate against an entire people group and kick all of them out of this country. So today is a day to mourn with our Muslim-American brothers and sisters. It’s also a day to mourn with our brothers and sisters of color because we just elected a man who has been quoted as saying ‘laziness is a trait in the blacks.’ A man who has discriminated against black people in his business, who has time and time again lashed out in racist rhetoric and sweeping generalizations against Latinos. It’s a day to mourn for our daughters, many of whom went to bed thinking that we were about to have the first female President in history, who will instead wake up to an America that decided to vote for a misogynist who consistently objectifies women—a narcissist who believes that, because he is famous, he has the right to walk up to women and kiss them or ‘grab them by the pussy’ without their consent. 12 women have come forward and confirmed this story of his, and he vows to sue them for it.

So yes, millions of people around the world are mourning today. We are mourning the countless lives who have gone before us who gave themselves for life and liberty for all. People who marched and fought for equality, often with the result of imprisonment, beatings or death. We also mourn today for our LGBTQ brothers and sisters, many of whom are terrified for their future. Will their marriages become illegal? Will they lose basic human rights under a superpower that has a man in the Vice Presidency who has stated that electrocution could possibly work as a ‘therapy’ to change someone’s sexual orientation. We mourn for all those with disabilities in America who now have a President-elect who we have video of contorting his face and mocking a reporter with a chronic disability.

We mourn the people who may be tortured as a result of this election. The people who may be imprisoned, discriminated against or killed. We mourn for the earth and the future of all our children as we have just elected a man who does not believe in climate change in the most existentially perilous time we have ever known as a species.

You may believe that DJT is better than Hillary for whatever reason, but that doesn’t negate any of these reasons to mourn. Regardless of what your thoughts on her were, the undeniable fact is that we have elected this man who has made white supremacists from groups like the KKK and alt-right very happy today. And regardless of what you believe about her, we certainly all must admit that we should have done better. We should have elected someone who we have tax returns from. Someone who we know with a reasonable amount of certainty isn’t a serial sexual predator. But that’s not the world we live in this morning. So we mourn.


Today is not the day to give into fear. Fear is what got us in this mess in the first place. Fear is at the heart of all of this, and fear will not be the thing that saves us. 

Today is the day that we are held to the fire on what many of us have been saying through this whole brutal election cycle—that love trumps hate. Many today are feeling so discouraged and despondent and feeling that this result in some way negates what we’ve been hoping for—that love wins. But love winning has never been about political power. It’s been about the human heart. Love wins because when you nail love to a cross, it looks at you in the eyes and says it that it forgives you. Love wins because even when you bury it in the ground, it won’t stay buried. Love wins because love is the only reason to live. Don’t confuse political power with victory. What, after all, is a life of political power without love? What is money without joy? Fame without peace? It is nothing. It is less than nothing—it is hell. 

So today, brothers and sisters, is a day to mourn. But is not a day to fear. It is a day to weep. But it is not a day to hate. Let love hold you today. Let it make you cry and then eventually wipe those very tears from your eyes so that we may stand and continue to fight with love, using everything at our disposal for the life and liberty for all.