Facebook Q&A Tuesday July 8th!

In celebration of the I Am Mountain Deluxe Album and I Am Mountain Bonus Material releases hitting digital outlets this coming Tuesday, Michael & Lisa Gungor will be conducting a Q&A on Facebook.  Head on over to Gungor’s Facebook Page starting at 4PM ET / 2PM MT / 1PM PT on this coming Tuesday, July 8th where Michael will be answering questions!  At around 5:30PM ET / 3:30PM MT / 2:30PM PT Lisa will jump on and start answering questions herself.  The chats will last for around an hour each but could extend longer if schedules permit.  At the appointed time, Michael will post a welcome note on the Gungor Facebook timeline and you'll be able to ask questions from within the thread that Michael has started - Lisa will do the same when her chat starts.  There is a little lag time so be patient, they will surely get to your question!