Last Minute Liturgist Events

Some of you are aware that Gungor is part of starting a collective of artists called The Liturgists that exist to make thoughtful, beautiful, hopeful, and evocative liturgical art.

Well, we want to try something kind of crazy, and we would like to invite you guys to participate in this with us. We are going to hold two last minute free events in Nashville and New York City to try some of this liturgical material out. They will be Liturgist “beta” events if you will.

Gungor, The Brilliance, and Science Mike are some of “The Liturgists” that will be there.

The events will be held at:

Monday, March 3
7pm and 9pm shows at: Noteable Blends Chestnut Street Crossing 434 Houston Street Suite 235 Nashville TN, 37203

Wednesday, March 5
10:30 pm show at: Trinity Grace Church 75 Murray St. (between Greenwich St. & W. Broadway) New York, NY 10007

Now, I say “free” events, but in reality, these events cost us money. But we really would like the Liturgists to be more like a church than a typical for-profit band. Plus, the event actually includes liturgical elements like the Eucharist, and we just don’t feel right about “charging” for that. So we are going to try an experiment and just trust you guys. We will be accepting donations and they will actually be tax deductible, because The Liturgists has been set up as a ministry of Bloom, our local church in Denver.

So we’re going out on a limb with these things, but we really think they are going to be special. We loved the idea of trying these events out in these particular cities not only because we know a lot of people around them, but they are important cities when it comes to the arts. We find this experiment to be very intriguing and beautiful, and we hope to find some friends in these cities that might want to be a part of making it happen.

So, please, if you are anywhere near Nashville or NYC next week, please come join us! We will also have a time of discussion where we can talk about some of the ideas at play and we would love to hear your voice in the conversation.