The Next "I Am Mountain" Tour

So, it’s the new year and Gungor is getting ready to go back out on tour! As many of you know, every Gungor tour has been different than every other Gungor tour. We’ve toured as a three piece acoustic ensemble. We’ve toured as a five, piece, a six piece, a 10 piece and a 12 piece. We’ve utilized poetry, movements, string sections and drum solos.

So what should you expect on this “I Am Mountain” tour?

Well, first of all, I would consider this tour one of the most musically ambitious of any that we’ve done. While we have been playing at least a few older songs, most of the material in the evening is from our latest album, “I Am Mountain.” We are playing pretty much the entire album, and we are playing it as a four piece.

That means every one of the band members has a lot to do.

Here are the members of the band on this next leg:


John is a piano performance graduate from Texas University in Austin, and let me tell you… The man is a beastly musician. One of our favorite things to do when John is around is just start singing random Disney songs, and listen to him arrange them on the fly into these wonderful, magical moments. Anyway, John’s been playing in the Gungor collective off and on since the beginning, and we are really grateful that he was able to do this tour with us. He actually helped write a bunch of the songs on the album with Lisa and I, so it’s great to have the source of a lot of our music on the stage with us on this one.


We are excited about working with Dan Bailey on the drums on this tour. While this is going to be our first time working with Dan, from what I’ve heard, the man knows how to strike a drum. While we will certainly miss Terence (the guy who has been the primary live Gungor drummer the last few years) on this tour, we are looking forward to seeing Dan bring all the noise that I’ve heard about. It’s always fun getting some fresh ears on previously recorded music to see what new things can come to the stage.


The very lovely and very pregnant Lisa Gungor will be shaking her baby bump on the stage through the duration of this tour, and come on people, just that should be worth the price of admission! Shake it baby! She will also be playing some keyboards and rocking that auto tune solo on Wandering. Maybe she’ll even hit that high note for you if you come to the show and show her some love. :)


Hey, that’s me. I do actually touch a keyboard during Wandering, but for the most part, I stick to what I do, and that is guitars. This new stuff is by far the most involved guitar stuff that I’ve ever had to play live. Especially since I have to sing at the same time. But I have some sweet new gear from TMG guitars, Badcat and IMMIX amps, and JHS pedals, and I am pumped to see what all of it can do. Plus, if I feel courageous enough, I might just throw a little Bach in at some point of the concert.

So that’s everybody in the band on this one. We scaled back to a 4 piece for this music to both leave some musical space and to push ourselves to the limit with what we can do on a stage. We rehearsed a month before the fall tour to pull off this music, and it was still not easy. But we are getting it under our fingers now, and I really think you should come and see it. :)

If you are a Gungor fan, please do come out and check out a show on this tour, and tell your friends about it! That is really the only thing that allows us to tour. We are not on a label. We pay for all of this ourselves, so when you buy a ticket or tell a friend, you are literally enabling us to keep making music. Thank you to all of you who consistently support us like that. We love you guys! See you soon!

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VIP Show Packages & I Am Mountain Merch/VIP Bundle


Many of you have already purchased VIP show packages - thank you! If you haven't below is an explanation of what you get as part of the two VIP packages. All packages can be purchased here.

Package A - VIP Tickets include early access to the venue 30 minutes before doors. Plus access to a post-show meet & greet with Michael Gungor for photos and autographs. In addition you'll receive a digital thank you EP via email a few days after your show plays.

Package B - VIP Tickets include early access to the venue 30 minutes before doors. In addition you'll receive a digital thank you EP via email a few days after your show plays. (This Package does NOT include post show meet & greet).

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