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Check out Alternate Root Magazine's Review of the New Gungor album, "I Am Mountain" Piano notes come through like stars in a cloudy sky in the opening Gungor track for their recent release, I Am Mountain. As the piano freckles notes across the opener/title track, Michael Gungor’s voice hypnotizes to gain your attention. Michael’s voice seduces and it is not until the sound is exploding all around that you realize more instruments have been added. Gungor tell their story of the sound in short paragraph on their website to explain how their actions came to be an album. “We don’t have to look far to find the results of what happens when filters are removed and people create what they think they want to create. Most often, it’s chaos.”

I Am Mountain is not chaotic in its sound choices. Though styles are adopted and adapted to the songs, the organic pull of Roots music can even be found in the semi-techno make-up creating garage rhythms of “Hither and Yon”. The pound of a drum signals entrance for the eastern textures and spaghetti western guitar of “Beat of Her Heart”, ambient footfalls open the door to the folk-blues of “Wayward and Torn” and on “The Best Part”, ethereal wisps of sounds pulse under the vocals of Lisa, Michael Gungor’s wife, who shares vocalization on the album. Gungor utilizes the broad musical template of its multi-instrumentalist namesake to force notes and rhythm into the songs. Frenetic beats from hands and bongos join in with the rabbit hole freefall groove of “God and Country”. Gungor make excellent use of the chaos at their disposal.

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