Hey everybody, just wanted to post a quick update about what Gungor has been up to. First, the DVD…

Wow, it has taken a long time!

We are very sorry for that. The big issue has been that we tried to produce a film that probably should have cost at least a hundred grand with about a 15 thousand dollar budget.  The crazy part is… We actually succeeded.  (Thanks primarily to Andy Catarisano and his young, crazy talented team.) The film is just finishing up final touches, and it shouldn't be all that much longer until you can get it.  The good news is that the film is pretty amazing, and I can't wait for you to see it.

The second piece of news. If you follow us on social media, you probably have seen us posting pics from the studio.  We are currently recording our third studio album, and I have to say… I'm very excited about it as well.

Of course, it couldn't be a Gungor album if it didn't make some sort of giant departure from the last one.  :)  But this departure is particularly interesting to me.  I have been talking for years about the problems of boxing some music into "sacred" or "secular" categories. I believe good theology would point to all of life and work being "sacred."  So our writing has actually finally been catching up to those ideals.  We have been writing all of these songs that are about all sorts of things. Love songs. Songs about our lives. Songs that tell stories.  And yes, even songs about God.  It's been ridiculously fun taking some of the boundaries off and seeing all of life as part of the "sacred" music that we make. In fact, we think that opening up those boxes is a move towards the sacred for us.

That being said, we still like writing "church music."   And while there probably won't be much of it on the new Gungor album, we are actually talking about releasing a new album under the title "The Liturgists."  That would be Gungor's new primariy outlet for the music that we write specifically for the Church to sing.  Please don't misunderstand this. Our aim here is not to seek fame and fortune in the mainstream world or to escape from the Church in some way. We simply want to practice what we preach and try to make good art that isn't limited to what is traditionally thought of as "religious" content.  We think everything is religious, and we want our music to reflect that.

We'll let you know more about all of this in the upcoming months, but I just wanted to let you all in on what's been going on behind the scenes and in these ol' noggins and hearts of ours.  Our plan is to release the new album in September and then tour the new Gungor album starting late October.  (And perhaps throw in a few Liturgist events here and there as well.)  Keep your eye on the website for further updates.  Much love to all of you!