Grieving the Shooting

Ok, I can’t stay quiet about it anymore. I can’t take anymore of the sentimental religious bs in the wake of these shootings. This kind of evil must be lamented, and I don’t buy it that this sort of lament must be limited to cheap little clichés about how we are so sorry and are praying for the victims families and friends. We need to pray, but we need to do more than that. We need to do our best to build a world where this sort of thing doesn’t happen to our kids.

If my neighbor has a pitbull and a fence that keeps getting unlocked, and that pitbull keeps getting out and killing kids, it does not seem inappropriate to me to get a little angry at the owner and say, “hey, either get rid of the pitbull, or get a better fence!”

It doesn’t even seem inappropriate to do that immediately after the pitbull attacks.

Is it inappropriate when a child dies to say, “well, has the killer been caught?”

Do you say, “well, today is not the time for police work… Today is the day to grieve.”

No! To grieve properly is to desire justice. To desire justice is to want the evil that caused the tragedy to cease to exist. This is not some political ideology that I’m talking about here. I don’t care whether a democrat, republican, or freaking Ross Perot does something about it. I’m talking about human life. I’m talking about little babies getting shot by guns. Guns that crazy people can just go to freaking Walmart and buy. Guns that CHRISTIANS justify and fight for. Fight for.

Before you say something like,

“Guns don’t kill people, people do…”


“Well, violence would still exist. If it weren’t guns, it would be knives or rocks..”

Please check the stats for how many mass knife attacks were perpetrated this year in places that don’t allow guns vs how many people died this year from shootings.

How many shootings do we have to have before we start realizing that we as a nation worship gun ownership and the violence that it is built upon?

I’m in Europe right now, and it’s been shocking to me that everyone here seems to see things in the same way that I do. They think we Americans are insane with this issue. They don’t own guns here.

I realize that gun prohibition is not ever going to be possible in America. It’s too entrenched in the culture.

Still, what better time is there to think about the systems of injustice than when the tears are still wet on our cheeks? Perhaps now, while we grieve this senseless violence is the perfect time to ask ourselves the question, “Hey, what are we doing that allows crazy people like that to so easily and affordably get guns?"

Now is not the time for political crap, but it is the time to seek justice. Not when the victims are forgotten, but while they are in our thoughts and prayers. Of course, I wouldn't be talking about this directly to the families right now. That would be inappropriate. They need to simply mourn and not worry about anything else. But that's not what we want from the police... We don't just want the police to sit around and cry and pray about this. We want them to figure out who this lunatic was and make sure all involved are brought to justice. That's what we want from the police today. Perhaps, we (the public) have a responsibility today as well. Perhaps we ought to look at how we, the public, are contributing to this sort of thing that seems to happen so easily and often. Sure, maybe the pitbull is primarily responsible for the attack, but if we have a broken fence, today is the time to recognize the importance of doing something to fix it. It is the time to both mourn with those who mourn but also to find the passion to fight for a system that doesn’t so easily allow this sort of evil, to fight for those kids who will be shot next year. Because with this system, it’s going to happen.

I think a time like this is the most appropriate time to address the broken fence and the unleashed pitbull. Not a month later when guns are some abstract idea, but today while the muzzle is still hot. What better time to face the foolishness of our beliefs and systems than when the consequences of them burn the brightest?